The importance of a chimney flashing

fixing chimney flashingMost homeowners do not concern themselves about their chimney until there starts to be a problem that arises. One of the most prevalent places that water leak from is around the chimney, just ask any roofer. Usually, the culprit that causes the leakage is a damaged or missing chimney flashing. Chimney flashing has multiple pieces of sheet metal that are placed around your chimney and then sealed together with the roof. It is used to prevent water from getting into your house living spaces, where it could cause further damage to ceilings and walls. The flashing helps protect from this by directing the rain that lands on the roof off of the building. Acting as a barrier preventing water from seeping into the chimney small edge cracks or poorly sealed mortar. It is important to use durable materials for your flashing, to prevent it from expansion and contraction over different seasonal temperatures. If poor materials are used this could lead to cracks formations, which could cause leaks.

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Year-round your chimney takes abetting from the severe weather conditions. The main reason that shortens the lifespan of chimneys is water penetration. That is why waterproofing your chimney is very critical and will help save you money for expensive repairs. With prolonged contact with water moisture, your masonry chimney materials will start to deteriorate. We want to help seal or repair any potential cracks that could cause a leakage. This can be done with a regular chimney inspection, to determine the best course of actions to take. Let us help your masonry chimney maintenance by providing high-quality services.

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