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Chimney Sweep Cleaning

People love having the chimney around during the winter holidays. It can give the home heat, as well as, making the environment around have positive energy vibe. However, many homeowners neglect their chimney in till problems start to arise. Ignoring the fireplace can cause dangerous build up such as the accumulation of creosote. This substance is highly flammable, and if not dealt with could shorten the lifespan on your chimney. Soot or creosote can start a lot of small and undetected fire, over time this will damage the chimney walls. Not only does this lead to very expensive chimney repairs, but this is the number one cause of a house fire in America. Also, the creosote substance can lead to the build-up of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. These gases can affect the air negatively, and with long exposure could result in serious health problems. One of the best ways to prolong your chimney lifespan and the safety of the home is by getting a chimney sweep. By getting your chimney cleaned this will remove the unpleasant odors and stop the buildup of soot in your fireplace. Beyond getting back the fresh air, doing so will also bring back the aesthetic of having a traditional chimney design.

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Understanding how often a chimney sweep should be done is a very important step in maintaining your chimney. However, the answer to this question is not very black or white and would be based on multiple factors. The CSIA (Chimney safety Institute Of America) recommends that the chimney should be inspected at least once every year. Getting an inspection would be the best way to determine if a chimney sweep is needed. If you use your chimney a few times in a year, then just one chimney cleaning would be sufficient. However, if you use very frequently this would require a lot more chimney cleaning attention. The optimal time to get your chimney cleaned is before the winter season and right after the heating seasons.

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