How to prepare your chimney for winter

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Before the winter seasons even start, everybody beings to prepare and think about the holidays. When it comes to your chimney it is important that you also begin preparing it for the cold winter times. Even if you do not plan on using your chimney during the heating season, there are still a few things to look out for. First thing is to make certain that your chimney cap is well fitted. This is critical to be able to prevent the winter weather conidiation such as snow, water or even the winter storms moistures from getting into your chimney. The next step would be to look at your chimney exterior. See if there are any birds nest, tree limbs, mortar bricks and the roof flashing is still in satisfactory condition with no cracks or issues. For the safest option would be to have a professional chimney inspector to examine the condition of the whole chimney system. Following these steps, they should be sufficient only if you plan on not using the fireplace during the winter holiday.

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For those who plan on utilizing your chimney during the winter time, you would need to follow the steps above and a few more steps. Now you should start to look at the firebox and damper. With the firebox make sure that there is no creosote buildup. The damper should be easy to open and close properly, and when it is closed it should be sealed completely. The chimney should be cleaned annually if you find your chimney filled with soot consider hiring a chimney sweep. The wood you use to burn should be dense for example oak wood, and at least let for six months to dry. Airflow in a chimney should also be evaluated to see if the smoke is getting out through the flue properly. After each burning session, the ash buildup needs to be disposed of immediately. We hope that these steps have helped you understand how to prepare for the winter time.

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