What is a damper?

smoke coming out of a chimneyA damper is simply just a small flap in the flue, which is used to regulate the airflow and smoke to escape or enter the chimney by manually adjusting the damper. The damper is made from a material that can tolerate very hot temperature, often metal or ceramic. The damper can be controlled by a handle or a pull chain, to open and close it.

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The damper serves a very important role in the heating system. Its purpose is to prevent heat from escaping out of your chimney flue. The location of the damper is usually just above the firebox or at the top of the flue lining. The damper is opened when the fireplace is being used to allow the smoke to exit the chimney through the flue. Also, it is used to stop the cold outside air from entering the house when the fireplace is not in use. This helps the overall energy efficiency and saves money.

Over time the damper could get damaged and might be in need of a replacement. If you start to have issues with smoke or cold air getting into your home, that means you could have a poorly functioning damper. This could be a stuck or broken damper causing blockage inside the flue, which could create smoke inhalation dangers. We can help you do a detail inspection of your chimney to determine if your damper needs to be replaced. Another problem which could happen is that the damaged damper may allow water moisture into the chimney causing cracks in the mortar. We have done many damper repairs and could help you install a new one if needed. If you are not sure that a damper replacement is needed, then we can help you inspect your chimney to see if everything is functioning properly.

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