Firebox repair

fireplace fireboxPeople love having a traditional chimney for may aesthetic reasons, and the natural warmth it can provide. The part of your fireplace that actually burns the wooden fire is called the firebox. Therefore, when people hear the word “fireplace”, they usually think of the firebox. Brick or metal are common material for your firebox in a masonry fireplace. The firebox is the wall structure that directs the heat and smoke, to the smoke chamber to move it through the flue lining. Having direct contact with very intense heat from the fire can make it deteriorates a lot faster than other parts of the fireplace causing cracks in bricks. For this reason, it is critical for firebox to be built with the proper material, and to have regular maintenance. If there are holes, cracks or gaps this can be extremely dangerous for your family, because of the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning and this creates a serious fire hazard. Even the strongest firebox should consider rebuilding every two to four decades, although infrequent fireplace usage could last longer.

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The hearth is the bottom of the fireboxes or put simply the floor of the fireplace. Just like the firebox, the hearth is also designed to withstand the extreme temperature that the fire produces. This means that the material used should have strict clearances in order to get the minimal amount of insulation. By using the correct material this can help prevent embers or sparks from starting in a small crack. The best way to maintain your fireplace is to get a regular inspection every year and to get a chimney sweep when needed.

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